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Little Champs

4 to 11 years old champs in training

A class for the young beginners. Catch them keen, get them training, glove them up and watch them go. Safe and friendly, the kids will sleep well after this class!


Teens Boxing

Be a contender

For the up-and-coming teens, this class is perfect. Learn skills, fitness, self discipline, respect and commitment. Improve confidence and wellbeing, while working on stamina and generally having fun.


Women's Boxing

Get fit and get tough

A female only class. Build your strength and stamina, get fit, learn boxing skills and have fun.


Adult boxing

Find Your strength

We have adult boxing classes where everyone is welcome, whether beginning fitness, fun seekers, keen amateurs or experienced fighters. Drop in, join in.



Feel a burn and carry on regardless

Join our 8 weeks Bootcamp in the air conditioned gym! Mondays and Thursdays at 6.30pm. Only $125! We vary it and include weights, cardio, calisthenics to increase strength and endurance, get fit and look good. For beginners to athletes. Friendly and fun.


Self Defence class

Avoid or get out of trouble

Learn simple, effective techniques to keep yourself safe, especially if faced with difficult or violent situations. As a former Cop and Corrections Officer of over 20 years experience (including in FBI-trained hostage negotiation techniques), Steve knows his stuff! 

This is not fighting or combat, this is evasion, getting away and being safe. 


Beginners Boxing

Introduction to boxing

For anyone aged 12+, this is an introduction to boxing for those who want to learn from the beginning at their own pace and build confidence. 

A great start for learning the noble art. 


Boxing Open Class - Great for families

Family friendly fun

Kids and adults welcome. Learn and train alongside your family or friends. Great fun!


Kids boxing for self management - schools and referrals

Group classes - referrals

This is a special service offered by CFR during the day for local schools or special referral services. Effective for young people who need confidence boosting, emotional regulation, improved mental health, motivation, focus, greater engagement at school, and so on. 

Steve has developed a reputation for helping young people and CFR was supported in this with a grant from CLM Sports (Counties and Sports NZ) in 2021. This class has already proved to be effective. 

Special and heavily discounted rates apply. 

Call or email Steve to discuss your needs.

Personalized Training

Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered. We offer individual trainer and group sessions. You don’t have to be a professional athlete or fitness fanatic to enjoy and benefit from one of our programs. Our client base includes people with a wide range of goals at every stage of their life, so Steve knows how to work with you to create the best exercise plan.

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Circuit training

Go For It!

Girls Doing Push-Ups

Strength Training

It’s More than Sit Ups



Get your heart pumping and muscles pumped

Timetable 2022 jpeg copy.jpeg

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See the timetable for hours.

See Steve for additional times or sessions. Call for a chat on 021 617 474, or drop in.